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MyBooks FAQ

How long till I receive my books?
Once you submit your book selections. Our setup crew will create your proofs in 3-7 business days. Once you've approved your proofs, we'll delegate the order to print. Our estimated printing time is 8-10 business days.
Will I be able to see proofs? How long till I see the proofs?
Proofs are sent via email with a clickable .pdf link. Inside you’ll see the front, back, and bind of each book selection you've chosen. These are sent to your email for your approval.
Where can I read the content?
Under the "Books" > Add Book > See Inside the Book
How big is the book?
Each book topic is around 6 x 9 inches
How many pages?
All of the books are around 100 pages.
Will the book mention "Smart Agents" anywhere?
There is no mention of Smart Agents. These are your books with your name and your photo.
Can there be more than 1 author on the books?
Yes, as long as you don't mind sharing the same phone line, website and email printed on the back of the books.
Can I print my lead capture site on the books?
Yes, you can place your own site. Or, we can set one up for you similar to BenCurryValues.com
Can I submit more than 1 photo?
Yes, you can upload more than 1 photo. Also, you can email additional photos and directions to support@smartagents.com
Can I use my own phone-number?
No, it has to be the mobile phone-line we provide you with. Once the lead calls this number the software will forwarded the caller directly to your office or cell phone. This mobile marketing number has to be used for the system to work properly.
Can you place my brokerage info, and logo?
When you submit your book selections you'll be redirected to a 3 step form. Step #2 is specifically for Brokerage information.
What does the $97 a month cover?
Your subscription gives you access to the membership sites and the training material. Plus it includes the licensing agreement to use the books as your own. We also have additional material inside the sites to use. Your membership includes lead capture sites, instant blog sites, a mobile marketing number, and additional marketing material.
What are the cost of books?
You can order as little as 12 books, up-to 1,000. View the prices here.
How much is shipping and handling?
We’ve factored standard shipping into the price of the books. So we'll cover this for you. Unless you decide to have overnight shipping, in that case the customer would pay for the overnight shipping.
Can I mix and match my book order, or do they all have to be the same?
You can mix and match your book order. You can choose a few of each, or choose the same book with different cover and title options. We want to give you the freedom to choose your book selections without restrictions.
What do I say when asked "Did you write these books?"
Be honest. Let them know "I hired a team of professionals that helped me publish the book." However, the point is to get your home sold. We do give you full copyrights, these are YOUR books to use.
How many books come with the $1 trial?
4 FREE books
When will my author and home value site be activated?
Your site domain will become active once you approve your proofs.
How do I approve my proofs?
Simply reply to the proof email from support@smartagents.com saying "I approve".
Can I change the content?
All of our books have been professionally proofread so there is no need for changes. However, if you would like to make changes to the professionally proofread books we have a $50 content edit charge for 10 changes. Then, $5 for each change thereafter. The payment must be made before we begin making changes. 1 change is any word, punctuation, or paragraph removal. There is no charge for spelling or grammatical errors. Please contact support@smartagents.com or (386) 752-6534 for more information.
Can I make changes to the covers?

Yes, you are allowed a total of 1 FREE set of Proof edits per order. With each revision request you send, you can include as many changes that you would like to make for each book. You must send all these changes at once. Each email we receive for revisions will count as (1) proof edit. So please try to submit all the changes with the first email.

If you use up the 1 complimentary FREE proof edit and you still need more changes made to your book covers, you have the option to purchase our $35 Proof package. The $35 Proof Package comes with 1 additional set of proof changes.

How long can the bio be?
The bio can be up to about 550-600 words.
Can I order books without an active membership?
No, you will need an active membership in order to purchase books.
How do I place a re-order?
Log in to book-setup.smartagents.com
Go to "My Account" on the top right hand side
"My Book Orders" on the left hand side
Then click on the "reorder" button in blue.
How do I find divorce leads?
This article can help you find divorce leads: http://smartagents.com/divorced-home-guide/
Which buyer book should I order?
We offer two buyer books:
First Time Home Buyer
Home Buyer Guide
Both are great for leads interested in purchasing a home.
If you work with more first time buyer leads go with the First Time Home Buyer book.
If you work with all types of buyer leads go with the Home Buyer Guide.
What is the difference between Expired V1 and Expired V2 books?
Expired V1 goes into detail about strategies and tips for selling the home.

Expired V2 goes into detail about why expireds don't sell and solutions for fixing that problem by hiring a great agent.
What is the difference between FSBO V1 and FSBO V2 books?
The FSBO V1 is the older version and contains more anecdotes and has a tone in the first person. It is a guide to selling by owner, but goes into negotiations and has smaller pieces of the other difficulties FSBO's can hit. The FSBO V2 (the newer one) is a complete breakdown of the whole process in order. It goes into much deeper detail in showings, contracts and all the other tough tasks of selling by yourself while being in third person content.
Where can I find the Listing Presentation?
You can access the listing presentation here: http://book-setup.smartagents.com/more-tools
Where are the phone scripts?
Under the "Letters/Scripts" TAB
Where are the cover letters for the book packages?
Under the "Letters/Scripts" TAB
Where can I read the Canadian modified books?
You can preview our Canadian content here: http://smartagents.com/bookpreview/
Just scroll down to the bottom.
How can I request Canadian modified books?
Once you hit "Submit book selections" you will be taken to a form.
You can request Canadian content inside of the "Additional Instructions" text box.
What is CalBRE #?
This is the California Bureau of Real Estate, only for our California agents.
Do you offer commercial real estate books?
At the moment we only offer residential real estate topic books.
Do you offer real estate investing books?
At the moment we only offer residential real estate topic books.
Do you offer books for mortgage lenders?
At the moment we only offer residential real estate topic books.
Is there a fee to ship to Canada?
Yes, there may be an additional customs fee.
How do I update my new brokerage information?
Send an email to support@smartagents.com and the next time you purchase books make sure to update the new brokerage information.
What are the sizes or dimensions of the Tri-fold business cards?
Trifolds: 3.602W X 6.083H
Folds into the size of a normal business card

Billing FAQ

How can I get an invoice?
How am I billed?
Our memberships are offered on a monthly basis as a month-to-month program with no contract. Or a yearly membership that renews every year. Memberships may be cancelled at anytime. The monthly or yearly charge is the only fee you pay to access our materials. The books are always a separate charge.
How do I cancel?
To cancel your account, you must submit your request via email or by speaking with our support team. Any cancellation requests sent through chat or voice mail will not be processed.

You can reach our billing department by Phone at (386) 752-6534 or by email at support@smartagents.com. Cancellation requests received after business hours (9am-6pm EST) will be processed the following business day.
How can I get a refund?
We have a 30 day money back guarantee on all products within the first 30 days of the initial purchase. After the first 30 days the charges are non-refundable no matter when the account is cancelled. You can send an email to support@smartagents.com or reach us by phone at (386) 752-6534 M-F 9am - 6pm EST.

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